13 Black #CockInASock Photos for Testicular Cancer Awareness


Grab your balls right now! A self examination of your precious jewels just might save your life. In 2013 the American Cancer Society reported 8,820 new cases of testicular cancer. With only 380 deaths, studies show that this is one of the easier cancers to cure.

The internet, as usual, wants to make sure you’re well are of it. Here’s a few of the black mens I found online who were strong enough to pull out their meat for a great cause today so they can still have the ability to bust on your face later. ;-)

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WATCH: ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ Season 6 Snatch Game, This Elimination is FOOLISH!


Dear @RuPaulsDragRace I demand a recount of the votes! I cannot believe this elimination! Still in shock…

Anyway, on last night’s episode (March 25) we saw the contestants bring Judge Judy, Kim Kardashian, Nicki Minaj and an array of other divas take to the main stage. Some flopped *cough* Milk! *cough* and others did quite alright.

Who do you think deserved to go home? Watch below and leave comments!

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Gay Rappers ‘Freaky Boiz’ Discuss Ups & Downs of Music with The Flyy Life

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TTgotit and Pweezy started out as rappers on YouTube 3 years ago and have gained a following so big they’re practically two snaps away from going mainstream. In a recent interview with The Flyy Life Terrance Wilson and Pierre Phillips discuss the ups and downs of being gay in the industry.

Critics say at times your content is a caricature of the gay lifestyle, and this makes it difficult to be taken serious in the industry. How do you respond to this assumption?

PP: Anybody that believes you can’t have fun while still being serious about a craft is a complete idiot. I believe the way we portray our image works perfect for us and the community. We don’t have to be hardcore to get a point across. I think that would scare people away. Either way, people would have something to say. If we were hardcore people would say they don’t take us seriously. I’m fine with having fun. When you watch and listen to us you want to have fun, you want to enjoy life. That, to me, is very serious.

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