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Poppers Causing Eye Damage, Multiple Studies Warn Consumers [VIDEO]


Poppers Causing Eye Damage, Multiple Studies Warn Consumers [VIDEO]

Inhale this liquid then there’s a drop in your blood pressure that causes your heart rate to go up. Do this right as you’re about to ejaculate and the one to two minute high increases your pleasure. But, is it worth it?

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First there were multiple reports of death; now, there’s upwards of 50 cases of vision trauma.

via Popular Science:

In recent years, physicians have begun to sound the alarm on one possible side effect of alkyl nitrite inhalation: permanent retinal damage. Reports have trickled in slowly. In 2010, a letter to The New England Journal of Medicine outlined several sudden cases of vision loss after patients had inhaled poppers. And last year, researchers published a case study on one patient with eye problems in Scotland, but said they’d found at least 30 published cases of vision damage related to poppers in the medical literature.

Poppers have been popular for decades, but the timing of these eye issues could point to a possible culprit. In 2006, isobutyl nitrite—which used to be present in many brands of poppers—was reclassified as a cancer-causing agent. Since then, most commercial poppers have been made with isopropyl nitrite.
The latest study focuses on 12 cases—all male—presenting at the Sussex Eye Hospital between 2013 and 2016. All reported some kind of vision trouble, with the most common disturbances including blurriness or blind spots starting within hours or days of inhaling poppers. While the researchers weren’t necessarily able to analyze the exact bottles that had been sniffed before symptoms had emerged, they were able to analyze samples of the brands each man reported using. They performed several diagnostic tests to suss out the patients’ symptoms and tried to find a connection between the chemical make-up of their preferred drugs, the way they used them, and the resulting retinal damage.

There was immediately evidence that the replacement of isobutyl nitrate might be to blame: some men who had used poppers regularly for decades reported sudden symptoms after changing brands. Isopropyl nitrite seemed to be the common element, and the researchers believe it somehow damages the fovea, a small pit of tightly packed cones in the retina that’s mostly responsible for central vision.

This may be the most thorough examination of isopropyl nitrite’s role in eye damage so far, but there’s still a troubling amount of uncertainty here. Most men in the study recovered from their eye damage, but not all of them did. And it’s not clear whether or not recovery is dependent on the cessation of drug use. Meanwhile, the unregulated nature of the inhalant makes it difficult to say for certain that one brand or another does or does not contain isopropyl nitrite—assuming that this is the only compound of concern. Perhaps users are safe as long as they stick to a brand that’s never caused them trouble before; perhaps not.

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In the video below Montre Bible discusses how popper use is great for bottoms and tells his own ‘horror’ story.

[video link]

Do you recommend poppers or does the research scare you?

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