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“Power Bottoming” Exposed on Christian Blog As A Hot New Gay Trend, Is It True?

You can't be serious

“Power Bottoming” Exposed on Christian Blog As A Hot New Gay Trend, Is It True?

What would Jesus do after reading this mess? I’d have to Ashanti scoot myself out of the room and carry on about my day.

According to Stephenson Billings at Christ Wire the abomination of sodomy they fear the most is a man who likes the cock rammed in their man butt relentlessly. Stephenson is so afraid he just had to share the three ways a ‘power bottom’ prepares for the act with all other Christians.

The homosexual will exhibit himself in three basic positions for power bottoming:

• Standing against a wall with one’s exposed buttocks swaying out. This is most often employed in public restrooms and gym showers.

• Kneeling face down with one’s hands on the floor and the glutinous maximums gesturing upwards. Convenient for abandoned warehouses and private sadomasochistic “dungeons.”

• Lying on one’s back with hind legs in the air. Most often occurring in a domestic setting (such as the bedroom), this posture allows for the deepest form of homosexual penetration.

In urban homosexual vernacular, the male penetrator may be a “total top” or “100% top.” “Versatile,” another expression in this lexicon of filth, is gay code for a man who pretends to be a well-endowed penetrator in public, but readily begs to be the recipient of sodomy in the bedroom or alleyway. Any hint that a potential partner is a “versatile” will scare off a power bottom on the hunt, and he will move deeper into the bushes of a public park or on to the urinals at the local disco to seek his prey.

Although leaders of the homosexual community would be loath to admit it, the gay male penetrator top is quite elusive. Attempting to classify him by clothing/body/character types is next to impossible. Because of his rarity, the phrase “power top” has no credibility in gay slang.

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They basically just said missionary and from the back are really good sex positions and offered some really good places to bust one (or two). And, how does an old, decrepit white man know about “urban homosexual vernacular“? Stephenson you been creeping in some of these locations with a BBC yourself or nah?

What are your thoughts on “power bottoming”?

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