The Gays Have Rescheduled 'Sizzle South Beach', Here's The Details

For the past ten years Dwight Powell and Sizzle Miami have slayed the gay scene with their Memorial Day vacation. This year they hoped to venture down to South Beach but it looks like that won’t be happening in May 2014. On October 10th an e-mail titled “Addressing Safety At Sizzle South Beach” told patrons to plan on toning there usual flamboyant selves down due to all the straights who will also be out for Urban Beach Week.

“We’re not asking people to totally change who they are, but rather be respectful of themselves and those around them,” the email said.

Now in a new e-mail sent December 5th, Sizzle Miami says there will be major road construction around the beach and honey things just are not going to work: “Considering the already major traffic concerns during the Memorial Day weekend, we have determined that South Beach at that time will not be a great experience for our guests.”

The full e-mail reveals this reschedule is all part of a MAJOR plan:

A few weeks ago, Miami Beach officials announced various road closures on Alton Road due to on-going street construction that’s scheduled to be complete in late 2014. As a result, it has become necessary to make changes initially planned for Sizzle South Beach

Considering the already major traffic concerns during the Memorial Day weekend, we have determined that South Beach at that time will not be a great experience for our guests. With our events being hosted in both the City of Miami and on South Beach, the commute will prove to be a nightmare for all. Therefore, we have decided to reschedule the Sizzle South Beach event to Labor Day Weekend 2014. Although road construction on Alton Road and closures will still be in effect, the heavy crowds of Urban Beach Week won’t be there adding to the already heavily congested streets.

Moving forward, Sizzle Miami returns and will remain in the City of Miami during the Memorial Day weekend, when we will showcase our new home, the luxurious and stunning InterContinental Miami on the Bay. Beginning in 2014, Sizzle, one of the world’s most valued, respected and recognized special event brands, is thrilled to now offer not only one, but two premiere travel destinations for men of color from around the world. These changes are permanent and will remain in effect for future years to come.

We’re terribly excited about our new ventures and look forward to having you along for the ride.

Two Sizzle Events? Did I just read that right? What about D.R. Takeover that some people have already planned to attend during Labor Day? Boys will be boys…

Are you glad Sizzle is returning to downtown Miami?

Comment below!

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  • Rahrah Katour
    7 Dec 2013 | Permalink | Reply

    I’ll be there

  • 7 Dec 2013 | Permalink | Reply

    I’m sure they already knew this. I’m sure they’ll have some final plans coming soon. Maybe they listened, I’m not sure. But hope all those who participate have a good time.

  • Chancy Fortenberry
    7 Dec 2013 | Permalink | Reply

    Screw Dwight and both of his events.
    No one registered for Sizzle Southbeach after he told gays that they couldn’t be too gay during Urban Beach Week. SO HE CHANGED IT BACK TO MIAMI. But how cute that he’s trying to blame it on construction. Nicca please have several seats. I’m done with Sizzle and DR.

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