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Serena Williams Hospital Scare details.

Iz you serious??

Serena Williams Hospital Scare details.

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“Monday Serena Williams underwent emergency treatment at Cedars for a hematoma she suffered as a result of treatment for a more critical situation,” the rep says in an exclusive statement.

“Last week, Serena suffered from a pulmonary embolism [a blood clot in the lungs] which was discovered upon her return to L.A. She had been in New York for doctor appointments for the ongoing issues with her foot.” [source]

I was thinking about a super dramatic title for this post like “TENNIS STAR TORTURE: Serena Williams RUSHED to hospital, suffers MASSIVE blood clot to lung” …but decided against it.

iHope Serena gets well soon, though. She’s a super-talented (the awards and bank account prove it) and active (search her name on Google Images, she’s always half naked at the beach) woman. I’d hate for this to prove that dieting and excersising gives people blood clots. *sad face*

Your Thoughts??

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