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Sharkeisha Victim Committed Suicide? + Updated with Video Interview


Sharkeisha Victim Committed Suicide? + Updated with Video Interview

We’ve all poked fun at the latest internet video sensation of a young woman named Sharkeisha punching her former home girl for trying to steal her man. But, did the unnamed girl commit suicide?

Tweets posted one hour ago to the @LilButtSHAR account claiming to be the aggressor in the viral vid say it’s quite possible.





The victim’s Twitter account @ItsBritneyJeann has mysteriously been suspended. But, she was documented from screenshots earlier today saying she was not ready for the attack, which is why she hit the ground so hard.

Is Sharkeisha responsible if the victim committed suicide?

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*UPDATE #1* The suicide has proven to be a rumor. In an interview with KHOU Houston, Cypress Creek High senior Shamichael Manuel (the victim) and her mother speak out and share photos. Can you believe Sharkeisha has not been arrested or suspended from school?  Click here to see the story + photos.

*UPDATE #2* 
Here’s a video interview I found on Facebook.

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