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Eye Candy: The Sexy Men of Bob Burkhardt

Mariah Carey said ‘Make It Look Good’ and these men along with photographer Bob Burkhardt do a damn good job at it. While cruising his Instagram for research purposes LOL I found some sexy images that you guys should see. Definitely send him a message if/when you’re ready for your next professional photo session. 😉

MORNING MEAT: Wet with Kevin Carnell

Dick Print, Miley Tongue & Facetime with Bae Realness: 3 Reasons to Follow This Rapper on Instagram

This 21-year-old model turn’t rapper from California has no problem giving lurkers what they need to get their life from his timeline. Sage The Gemini – aka the dude from ‘like a red nose’ and ‘Gas Pedal’ – is a must follow on IG. Check out these pictures and videos and go rape his like button. He may be young but he’s ready!