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Gay Men Urged to Boycott the Black Church in ‘Standing-n-Truth’, Watch The Full Documentary

The oh-so-sexy David Malebranche joins Sheryl Lee Ralph, Kym Whitley, and more in the Tim Daniels-directed documentary that encourages the open discussion of HIV. Congresswoman Maxine Waters at the 57:05 mark says: To the homosexual, gay population who is sitting in the churches tithing every Sunday, every week, every month directing these choirs, being the music director and making these churches run,  you need to walk. You need to get out. You need to start a […]

WATCH: Crafty Queens, Abandoned Roommates & Jail Time in ‘Gentlemen of New Jersey’ Episode 2

Julius discusses his identity theft felony and Isaam discusses how jealousy can ruin friendships in the latest episode of the gay web series. Will things ever get better for the ‘Gentlemen of New Jersey‘? Press play and find out. [video link]

Gay ‘Bad Boyz Club: New York’ Web Series is Here! Watch Episode One

There’s a lot of fighting and angry young specimens in this 45-minute episode. Meet the cast and see the first big fight in the Gemini Filmz produced series. [video link]

Gays Get Ready: ‘Tha Life: Houston’ Announces Premiere Date!

You guys wanted a new cast and a new city. So, Dr. George Smith has obliged. After calling for more community support in his open letter, the latest incarnation tallied over 477k in YouTube views. Are you ready for ‘Tha Life: Houston’? See Dr. George Smith’s tweet with the big date below.

Gay Web Series ‘Triangle’ Drops STEAMY New Teaser!! [VIDEO]

Child when is the premiere date so we can start getting into all this tea? After trade caught bae in bed with his bestie – click here if you missed that video – it looks like another couple is about to take a tumble. Press play and get into ‘Triangle’. [video link] sidebar: Shout out to the director and all of the behind the scenes team. They’ve done a really great job with staging, cinematography, […]

Gays Dont Forget Laverne Cox’s Documentary ‘The T Word’ Airs This Week! [VIDEO]

The ‘Orange is the New Black‘ star hosts a one-hour doc following the lives of seven trans people ages 12 to 24 – including Kye Allums, the first openly transgender player for a NCAA Division 1 team who was featured during RonaldMatters.com’s ‘Gay Black History Month’ – as they share common obstacles and joys.

Gay Man Finds Lover In Bed with His Bestie on New Series ‘Triangle’ [VIDEO]

Bad acting aside this situation is a reality for many gay people. Maybe the guy joined in and that’s why the series is called ‘Triangle’? Watch this teaser along with a few others from the upcoming web series premiering later this month.

New Gay Web Series ‘Gentlemen of New Jersey’ is Here! Watch This Preview

A failing gay marriage, a “crafty ballroom girl”, and frenemies on level ten – here’s a preview of the new gay web series ‘The Gentlemen of New Jersey‘ premiering October 27th.

WATCH: ‘Bad Boyz Club: New York’ Season Teaser

This is what y’all wanted? Gemini Filmz & Stackz Media present “7 boys [coming] together and try to work on themselves” as they’re “gearing up to be mature men, or fight trying”. Who the hell are these people and why are their values so low that they’re fighting on a web series? Ch…press play and get your life. [video link]

“I’m Gay! You’re Gay! But You Give Gays A Bad Name!’ Watch the Ricki Lake Episode

Flirtin’ with trade, twirlin’ in public, and switchin’ around like every step is New York fashion week is what I do every moment of my life. But had my friends witnessed my foolishness in he 1990’s I’d probably end up on here with Stacy who says his friend is just TOO much. Dig into this week’s #WayBackWednesday episode! [video link] [video link] [video link]