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THROWBACK: Yall remember when this was cute?


THROWBACK: Yall remember when this was cute?

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Look at all these colors variations of red, white, and blue and  then “Tommy Hilfiger” written all over everything.  It’s a hot a** mess now…but everybody thought it was the bizness back then! And, if you remember when Tommy Hilfiger was hot, you probably also remember the day a rumor went rampant in the hood that he didn’t like black people and then For Us By Us (aka F.U.B.U.) became popular… another hot a** mess. lol


And since we’re having a throwback moment…here’s a song I loved by Aaliyah:

Y’all know “If Your Girl Only Knew” used to be the jam! …especially when the beat drop part came on and it was just the bass and Aaliyah kept saying “If YO Girl Only Knew!”


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