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Tiffany Evans Releases New Single + Pregnant & Married!


Tiffany Evans Releases New Single + Pregnant & Married!

Tiffany Evans done traded in her promise ring and her Chasity belt for a wedding ring and a child. R&B powerhouse announced exclusively to essence magazine that she is married and expecting. Who’s your celebrity crush?
EVANS: Well… might I say, I don’t have a celebrity crush considering I’m married! (giggles and laughs) No one knows. I’ve been married for two years. He is the love of my life and I love him very much. His name is Lorenzo. He’s a really a cool guy and we’re expecting something else as well – our first child together. I am six months pregnant. No one has seen me and I’ve been waiting the proper time to say something about it. I’m so happy and I’m so excited and I’m having a girl. It’s so big and wonderful to me. It’s an amazing experience and I wish guys could go through this. It’s life changing.

Tiffany happened to hide this for two years, kudos to her. Congrats to tiff and her husband Lorenzo. Babies are the only thing that Tiffany has been working at though. Today she released her first single If You Love Me from her upcoming EP “Take 1” which is slated to debut late june, get into the grown folks toon below.

Tiffany Evans – ‘If You Love Me’ by kdeshawn

Tiffany Evans slayyyyed this track, she gives me grown woman vibes, the way she glides across the instrumental and belts out those heartfelt baby don’t go, a man is guranteed to drop them bags and run back to it. You’ve been quietly recording new music for a while now. Tell us about your new new EP, Take 1.
TIFFANY EVANS: Over the last two years, I’ve been growing and going through things like love. I don’t want to say this EP is exposing, but it is to me. When I first came out I didn’t write anything. My fans have never heard any music written by me. I thought it was important to do so this time around. I also thought it was important for me to experience life and go through things to write about them from a true place. I wanted this project to be organic. I had to take myself down a notch and go through love and write about it. The direction of Take 1 is very funky, very soulful, very R&B. It’s womanly. It’s me starting over. It’s me reintroducing myself to everyone and finally establishing who I am as an artist. It’s a real coming of age project for me. This EP was also the quickest way to give new music to my fans. I’ve been working on it all by myself, I feel like that chance now to really establish who I am music wise and who I am as an artist. This is that chance for me.

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