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Top 15 Gay Friendly Vacation Destinations for 2018

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Top 15 Gay Friendly Vacation Destinations for 2018

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Dig into the annual Gay Travel Index by Spartacus, a gay travel specialty company. They’ve rated the most inclusive versus viciously obtrusive travel destinations for the LGBT community. The brutal 14-point scoring system – including gay nightlife, customs regulations, hate crimes, HIV travel restrictions, and laws against homoism – remains in place. America moved up to #37 from #42 but with this current president who knows what number we will be next year. Anyway…

These are the hot spots!

1. Sweden
2.United Kingdom
3. Belgium
4. Netherlands
5. France
6. Canada
7. Denmark
8. Reunion

9. Iceland
10. Finland
11. Ireland
12. Norway
13. Spain
14. Luxenbourg
15. Uruguay

Jamaica, Bahamas, Fiji and Monaco scored poorly on the list as Iran and Somalia pull up the rear.


Which cities are you interested in visiting?

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