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Toya's show comes on tonight…will we be watching?


Toya's show comes on tonight…will we be watching?

Toya from BET’s old show “Tiny & Toya” done up and got her own show. Toya’s “A Family Affair” is based around her mama going back to rehab, somebody’s gettin’ married, dead-beat daddies, and some of everythang else. The scene that snatched my wig though is when Toya is in therapy yellin’ about how she’s mad the hood stamped as Lil Wayne’s ‘baby mama.’ It’s so much drama, I can’t even type it all. See it for yourself:

Something about this gave me Madea’s Big Happy Family with a hint of Keyshia Cole’s old show. Did y’all get that? I still hope Toya does well though. Keyshia gave us Oakland, California hood and now Toya is finna rep for New Orleans.

Will you be watching tonight?

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