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Tyrese + Taraji P. Henson are back together!!

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Tyrese + Taraji P. Henson are back together!! - Taraji Henson Tyrese Stay video

…and Jodi still ain’t shit! In the music video for Tyrese’s new single “Stay” we see Taraji chatting on the phone about how lovely things used to be with Tyrese; but, things have changed. The only thing missing was her friend getting banged out on the other end saying “OOH GIRL! Lemme call you back!” LOL Watch the clip below:

I don’t know jack shit about his album being highly anticipated. And, I know nothing about this song with Ludacris he says is on iTunes. That preview clip does nothing for me. I want my 2-minutes back. *sigh*

What you think of the clip?

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