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VIDEO: Towanda Calls Tamar a Failure.

The Braxtons

VIDEO: Towanda Calls Tamar a Failure.

The Braxton Family is dropping another episode this Thursday on WeTV at 9pm. In this preview, Tamar battles Towanda as the quintet prepares a special performance. All is fine in rehearsal until Towanda announces she needs to leave early for her children’s first day of school. Tamar decides to beat her to the punch. But before the door slams Towanda screams:

“Every group you’ve been in failed because of that attitude of yours!”

Toni Braxton goes on to say she still isn’t happy about doing a family album – “I think the album when we put it out. It’ll be good. But working it, making it happen… promoting it will be challenging because Tamar still wants to be the leader of the group.”

I’m not too keen on Towanda’s remarks. But, she’s always been the nice, quiet one. Towanda really must have been pushed over the edge by something Tamar said. And, I’m sick of Toni beating the same dead horse. You don’t want to do the album…GREAT! Stop telling every body who crosses your path. You’ve said your peace on the matter. Let’s move on to how you plan to revive your lifeless career.

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