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WATCH: 'Alyssa's Secret' Episode 3 + The Tea on Her Reality Show!


WATCH: 'Alyssa's Secret' Episode 3 + The Tea on Her Reality Show!

Get it ready! Get it ready, ready! Later this year the Alyssa Edwards train will be returning to LOGO TV! In a recent interview, the ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ Season 5 alum says ready for her solo show. How did it happen though?

“World of Wonder came to me. They knew I run this dance school (Beyond Belief Dance Co., in Mesquite, Tex.), and that’s what attracted them. Anything in Texas with children, and mothers, and competition, it’s insane. The moms are insane. They will run a bitch over.”

When asked if her show will be a remix to ‘Dance Moms’:
“Well…the kids on Dance Moms are cute. They’re talented competition dancers. But my group is very commercialized. We take little girls and cut their hair off and dye it when they are 7 or 8 years old. My girls are like young Beyoncés and Gagas. It’s no joke.”

I got a lil time for that! Until the infamous pageant queen returns to tv, get into this latest episode of her online show where Alyssa shows off her acting skills.

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