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WATCH: Basketball Wives Season 3 Episode 1 FULL EPISODE!

Basketball Wives

WATCH: Basketball Wives Season 3 Episode 1 FULL EPISODE!

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iGuess Vh1 figured out a lot of people would miss Monday’s premiere episode due to Washington, D.C. Gay Pride, Sizzle 10 in Miami, and the plain fact that it’s Memorial Day. I have taken full advantage of them premiering the episode early online and watched the episode already. Evelyn is getting ‘non-factor’ shirts made which pisses Tami off. Evelyn offers Tami part of the proceeds; but, that only enrages Tami even more. Royce is …Royce. And, Suzie is…Suzie. Watch below and gag at the travesty:

Meeka Claxton is a messy bitch! I can’t wait til she crosses Tami and gets that ass handled. iSee Royce invested in a good hair conditioner this go round as well. It was so good to see Evelyn apologize for her comment to Tami. But, how can you effectively change the situation by banking off it? And then you want to donate the money from it to a teen girl charity? SERIOUSLY? It’s #TeamTami for me, as usual! Can’t wait to see what happens with this lawsuit…

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