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WATCH: Basketball Wives Season 3 Reunion (Pt. I)

Basketball Wives

WATCH: Basketball Wives Season 3 Reunion (Pt. I)

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New wigs, new dresses, same attitudes. The ladies of Basketball Wives sat down last night with whoever that bald guy is and shared more of what we already knew. Here’s the show, in case you missed it:

Errbody talking about Tami’s hair …because I’m scared she’ll smash my face in I’m just gon’ keep my damn mouth closed! But, what did Royce say about being a late bloomer… and homegirl talkin’ out her ass? And, what is with Jenn and Evelyn refusing to accept the fact that Royce reads their asses DOWNE and keeps reciepts like she’s filing her taxes? Gone head Royce!

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