WATCH: Black Man Goes HAM About Black Women & Their Obsession with 'Bad Boys'

All women need to see this.

His YouTube name is too long – H.K.A B.I.B TV. – but he wasted no time getting black women together. After watching a 2-minute clip of women say over and over again how they need a thug to feel safe, need a man to pay bills other things, he’d had enough:

The most pathetic quotation I’ve ever heard come out of any black woman’s mouth is “I am a strong black woman.” And the reason why I say this is because I feel strength can be shown without being spoken of. Physical strength can be displayed through physical character. Mental strength, the mind, what you can can endure, emotional strength, things that you can achieve in life itself, certain things that you overcome, that’s pure strength in itself, not something that needs to be displayed or advertised through words… EVERY single black woman is a strong black woman.

Well said.

What do you think of the video?

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