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WATCH: Fight on Love & Hip-Hop 2


WATCH: Fight on Love & Hip-Hop 2

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It was no holds barred as Chrissy channeled her inner Laila Ali on Kimbella last night. Kimbella did snatch Chrissy’s wig but poor thing… that’s all she did. Kimbella had good intentions when she confessed to Emily at her independence party that she slept with rapper Fabolous (now Emily’s ex) a few years back. After they handled the situation calmy, Chrissy (Jim Jones fiancee?) said how dare you tell Emily at a time like this, looked at her pedicure, and decided it would look real nice against Kimbella’s face.

In my review on YouTube I said I think Chrissy is just unhappy because she had just bought Jim his 2nd engagement ring while she is yet to get one. Plus, other family drama of her own and felt it in her pussy to take it all out on Kim. I also question why Yandy didn’t help Kimbella since she brought her to the party. But, in the end Kimbella left the event unphased, unscratched. and unbothered. #POW

What did you think of the fight?

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