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WATCH: Frontline #AIDSinBlackAmerica Documentary


WATCH: Frontline #AIDSinBlackAmerica Documentary

It was kind of shocking to see PBS of all stations take over Twitter last night.

But who can deny the opportunity to better educate themselves about this epidemic in our culture? The weekly showing of Frontline aired the documentary End Game: AIDS in Black America.

A few fast facts from the show:

*More than 45% of new HIV cases are in the South

*New HIV+ cases in black men ages 16-24 rose 50% between 2006-2009

*HIV rates in Washington, DC are higher than 5 nations in Africa

*Every hour 6 people become infected with HIV. Three of them will be black.

Such chilling statistics! Watch the full documentary and leave your thoughts in the comments!

Watch ENDGAME: AIDS in Black America on PBS. See more from FRONTLINE.

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