WATCH: Mo’Nique Talks New Movie ‘Blackbird’ on CNN, Announces #ThisIsLuv Campaign


All this ‘blackballed‘ business and the ordeal with Cannes Film Festival can only be useful if we support Mo in her new role ‘Blackbird’ dropping April 24th.

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On CNN Tonight with Don Lemon Mo’ tells why it was important to go the independent route for her this project after all the shade following her 2010 Oscar win for ‘Precious‘.

“The offers that were coming in, they just didn’t make sense,” she says. “When we got [Blackbird] we knew it was necessary that we get involved and when we can have ownership of something, my family benefits as long as my likeness is on that movie.  … The reason it’s so personal for me Don, remember when you had to come on The Mo’Nique Show and to make an announcement to come out? We want babies to stop having to make an announcement and to just be who you are. That’s what this movie says.”

Amen to that. Watch Mo’Nique talk in the video below.

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The ‘Blackbird‘ team also revealed their involvement with the #ThisIsLuv campaign. Via Press release:

“The highly anticipated and much-lauded feature film, “Blackbird,”
and its creative team announce today it will join You Belong Co-Founders, former NFL player Wade Davis
and writer Darnell L. Moore, G.L.A.A.D., National Black Justice Coalition, Politini Media,,
HRC Foundation and as the official feature film of “This Is Luv” (#ThisIsLuv), a multi-media
campaign affirming LGBT love in Black communities and families.
“When I learned of the goals of my friend Wade and his #ThisIsLuv campaign, I knew instantly that
“Blackbird” was a perfect match,” said Keith Brown, producer of “Blackbird”. “When I embarked on this
journey with “Blackbird”, I wanted to bring this film to life for the very same reasons. It is an honor to be
a part of the movement and affirm the importance of loving, supportive Black LGBT stories being told in
the powerful format of mainstream media.”

Blackbird-MoNique-and-Julian-Walker (1)

Stars from the film, including Julian Walker, will contribute editorial pieces for the #ThisIsLove campaign
to throughout February. “Like the character I play in “Blackbird”, when I first came out, my
family tried to get me to turn to religion in an effort to change my sexuality before eventually accepting
me as I am. Now, they couldn’t be more loving or more accepting- and I think my doing “Blackbird” was
a big part of that. This is an important film that I hope changes people’s perceptions about what it
means to be a black gay man.”
The campaign launched earlier this month and will continue to engage online communities to share
their stories of acceptance and support via the #ThisIsLuv, all while shaping the conversation within the
Black community in support of the LGBT community. Individuals from all walks of life, including
celebrities, writers, and advocates, will share photos, editorials and video blogs about the supportive
and caring relationships that transcended sexual orientation and gender identity.


Individuals who wish to participate by sharing their stories should upload photos to the #ThisIsLuv
Tumblr and Facebook pages here: and Emails can also be sent to:
and use the hashtag #ThisIsLuv on all other social media platforms including Twitter and Instagram. The
website for “Blackbird” is and hashtag #WeAreBlackBird

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