Why Did Alyssa Edwards Lose Her Crown? #DragRace


Moments ago it was announced ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ star Alyssa Edwards lost her Gay Miss USofA Miss America crown to fellow co-star Coco Montrese back in the day.

What caused the riff between them? You didn’t hear this from me … but this is the tea I’ve gathered from my Google search dahhhling. Back in 2010  the epic Alyssa Edwards was dethroned as the winner of Miss Gay Miss America after missing multiple club and other public appearances as the winner without notice at all to club promoters or the Gay Miss America organizers. Therefore by default gifting the first runner-up who just so happened to be Coco Montrese her crown. The real gag is Alyssa Edwards had been dethroned once before for similar reasons from another competition before this happened. Alyssa and Coco were close friends before the 2010 Miss America travesty. It is rumored Coco played a role in snitching to Gay Miss America where Alyssa actually was while she was missing appearances. Again, you ain’t hear this from me. But that’s what I heard had happened.

Do you think Alyssa’s dethroning was justified?


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  • underthesycamoretrees
    28 Jan 2013 | Permalink | Reply

    You can’t have your cake and eat it, too. Twice, no less. If this is the case, totally justified. That would piss me off, I don’t fault Coco for it. In any case, the only things Alyssa is serving up are meanness and freckles. I struggle to appreciate a queen’s talent when there’s that Phi Phi shadiness lurking under the surface.

  • 28 Jan 2013 | Permalink | Reply

    I thought it was the miss gay america crown…..alyssa fullfilled all her duties as a former miss gay usofa…

  • 28 Jan 2013 | Permalink | Reply

    Well…if you can’t be professional and fulfill your duties, then you get your crown snatched. Oh well.

    And since she can’t follow through, Ru should be wary of giving her this crown…Absolut ain’t got time for that.

    I think Alyssa is pretty, but she’s so ugly on the inside. I don’t like her. 🙁

  • Matty
    4 Feb 2013 | Permalink | Reply

    Uhhh… I think we should maybe wait until we hear the full story from Alyssa and Coco. There’s got to be more going on here…

  • dill
    11 Feb 2013 | Permalink | Reply

    I know the full story and only half of this is true!! And it wasnt Miss USofA!! It was Miss Gay America!!!

    • Jennifer
      18 Dec 2014 | Permalink | Reply

      Well Miss Thing, if you know the real T, why don’t you spill it? Hello people are on here wanting to know the full story. So spill the T! 🙂

    • Kartik
      9 Jun 2018 | Permalink | Reply

      Please let me know the whole story

  • Edone
    11 Feb 2013 | Permalink | Reply

    If this is what actually happened, then yes, deserved to lose her crown.

  • 3 Apr 2013 | Permalink | Reply

    I hate her face. How she won any type of competition is beyond me. I feel the urge to resort to physical violence when she talks. Namely my fist and her face. lol Sounds like my gut instincts were spot on.

    • danielle daniels
      22 Nov 2017 | Permalink | Reply

      sure glad your not a judge and also theres no box to check on the voting sheet for voice. sorry dear. its the true. theres no box for judging how someone speaks unless it vulgar words. now thats a box on the voitng page.

    • Dahlia
      14 Oct 2018 | Permalink | Reply

      So judgey aren’t we or jelly much?

    • Jason
      14 Oct 2018 | Permalink | Reply

      So judgey aren’t we or jelly much?

  • TL Hinze
    24 Apr 2013 | Permalink | Reply

    Alyssa rocks, whatever.

  • 5 Jul 2016 | Permalink | Reply

    Coco day bitch be whack ima dab on a nigga ass uunnkkkaaaayyyyyyy

  • Nayla
    27 Oct 2016 | Permalink | Reply

    Ironically, she was dethroned for judging for another system (Continental). The contestants that night included Shangela(who won) and future drag race contestants Detox and Delta Work. I believe Will am was the host as well.

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