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WTF: Erykah Badu breast feeds during performance?? (video).

Erykah Badu

WTF: Erykah Badu breast feeds during performance?? (video).

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CHIIIILDErykah Badu spent all her time telling other folk how to be successful in music as a woman. And, it looks like she’s taking her own advice. Erykah recently decided to film an in studio session of her song “Fall In Love” from her latest album New Amerykah Part II. The part that slayed my soul, is when iNoticed this baby was doing something wierd to Erykah’s titty…Watch below:

Now, iUnderstand you trynna be a mother and a musician at the same time but DAMN! Could you at least had told them muhhfuckas to NOT film you while you breastfeed. And, look at trade triflin’ ass in the back. BITCH MOVE! Get out my damn camera shot you do nothing, know nothing ass nigga! UGH! …or, maybe he’s waiting his turn to be fed, too? Hmm???

Your Thoughts??

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